Who Runs This Place?

Michael Bortz founded City Bakery but he can’t do it all on his own. The bakery’s general manager is Caitlin Mandigo, she is a culinary graduate, giving Michael a chance to sleep in (until 4 am, if you can call that sleeping in!) and take regular days off to recover from the daily bakery beating.

Caitlin was born and raised in St. Joseph, Michigan and is a graduate of Art Institute in Denver with a concentration in Baking & Pastry. She got into baking because she was drawn to decorating wedding cakes. After discovering that decorating wedding cakes is actually tedious work, she found through bread courses that baking is where all the fun is at. If waking up at 1 am to get to work by 2 isn’t enough, this girl pretty much does it all on the production floor- she takes bread orders, inputs pars, and oversees the bread production from starter to the finished product. She is a mixing machine. Setting the pace of bakery production every morning, she makes judgement calls, adjusts production output and generally just kicks butt. When not mixing ciabatta at 2 am, Caitlin takes great advantage of the beauty of Colorado by getting out into the wilderness to ski and camp with her fiancé Jason and their puppy Nala. When the weather allows you can find Caitlin out on a frozen lake ice fishing.

(Our field trip to an Avalanche game! Thanks Michael!)

The Crew!

What can I say, we’re really lucky here to have such a great crew to work with! It’s not easy, believe me, to find people who are not only willing to wake up long before the sun to do physically demanding labor and on top of that be fun-loving, positive team members. We work hard at the bakery but we have a great time doing it too.